Month: March 2019

Scout Lab Co-Founders Kaitlyn Barclay and Willow Hill

In this episode, Michael and Justin sit down with the fearless and powerful Kaitlyn Barclay and Willow Hill, Co-founders of Scout Lab, a New York City headquartered purpose-driven creative agency that sits at the intersection of brand and social. Their mission is to take purpose-driven brands from what’s been done to what comes next.

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First Due Co-Founders Andreas Huber and Rami El-choufani

In this episode, Michael and Justin speak with Andreas Huber and Rami El-choufani, co-founders of First Due, a dynamic big-data focused startup whose pre-incident planning platform allows first responders, fire service organizations and local governments to streamline their information management, enabling them to respond more safely and efficiently to both emergency and non-emergency incidents.

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Jump 450 Co-Founders Patrick Peters and Shaun Sheikh

Jump 450 is a new-age, performance-driven, digital marketing agency that melds the creativity of ad writing, design and development with the science of programmatic display, native and social media buying. Using a highly evolved, quantitative-focused approach, Jump 450 has the unique ability to reach millions of consumers, globally and deliver sales volume at unprecedented levels,…

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