Month: December 2018

RippleMatch Co-Founders Andrew Myers and Eric Ho

In this episode we sit down with Andrew Myers and Eric Ho, the co-founders of RippleMatch,  a game-changing NYC based tech startup that uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to help interns and fresh college grads land their dream jobs with the worlds’ top firms.

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Silverline Co-Founders Gireesh Sonnad and Rich Resnick

In this episode we sit down with Gireesh Sonnad and Rich Resnick, the co-founders of Silverline – an NYC based Salesforce Platinum Cloud Alliance Partner that delivers strategic advisory, Salesforce implementation, and ongoing Managed Services.

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Duos Co-Founders Podcast Genesis with Hosts Michael Czirjak and Justin Marcus

Welcome to Duos The Co-Founders Podcast! Hosts Michael Czirjak and Justin Marcus will discuss the power of two people coming together to build successful partnerships, companies, and brands. The Duos podcast will explore how co-founders met and began working together, shared vision and growth in the course of business and life

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